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The Birth of Circle of Life Chiropractic

Circle of Life

Circle of Life Chiropractic is a name that I came up with while I was still in school. I had just decided to start my certification process specializing in pediatrics and pregnancy. While I was very excited about helping newborns and mommas to be, I couldn’t help but feel like I was leaving the general population out.

From The Womb to the Tomb


Dr. Stephanie and her grandfather

I’ve cared for and taken care of my grandfather for the past few years. He’s actually a huge reason why I decided to become a Chiropractor. He has played a vital role in who I am as a person today. I gave him his very first cervical adjustment at 86 years young! So believe me when I say, he has influenced my life immensely. When I dreamed about what kind of practice I wanted, I knew I wanted to take care of the little ones but also their parents and grandparents. And then it hit me…I wanted to take care of people from the WOMB to the TOMB!

A Dream Becomes Reality

Fast forward three years and that is how Circle of Life was born. Every stage of life is meaningful and purposeful. I wanted to help people during each of those stages. I wanted to be there for the firsts, but I also wanted to be there to help people through the later stages of life. I’ve had the privilege of checking and adjusting newborns after caring for their mommas throughout pregnancy. I’ve had the opportunity to witness the excitement when “big kids” start school. I’ve seen seniors apply for colleges and get accepted. I’ve witnessed the joy associated with becoming a grandparent for the very first time. I’ve witnessed job promotions. I’ve also been there for the not so great times, when friendships and relationships end. I’ve been there for families when they struggle with the loss of  a loved one. Going through the stages of life is easier when you feel loved and supported. It is my hope that Circle of Life can be that place for you. Thank you all for letting me be a part of your journey, whether it be a small part of a big part. The BEST PART is we are just getting started!!




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