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Meet the Doctors of Point Pleasant

Meet Dr. Stephanie Wigner

Dr. Stephanie Chiropractor

A Family Illness Led Me to Chiropractic

“I first observed the body’s incredible natural healing abilities as a result of my grandfather’s serious illness. I had moved back home from attending undergraduate school to help care for him. He became so sick that he had to be placed in a medical-induced coma. Once they took him off all the medications he was on, however, he miraculously recovered. While it was a close call for him, it made me realize the true potential our bodies have to heal themselves. My grandfather is alive and well today. The experience opened my eyes to all we’re capable of without outside intervention. It was then that I decided to enter the chiropractic profession.”
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Meet Dr. Kyle Bilquist

Dr Kyle Bilquist Chiropractor

Sports, Functional Movement Screenings, Chronic Pain, and Chiropractic

“While practicing as a freshman football player at Toms River High School South, I tackled a player and threw my back out. I could barely walk, and after being in pain for close to a month, I was worried I would never be the same. Thankfully, my parents took me to a local chiropractor, an experience that has shaped my entire life. After a couple visits I was as good as new and from that point on I knew I wanted to help others the same way this doctor helped me. This was my first experience with chiropractic and I was hooked. Throughout my athletic career, I utilized chiropractic to keep me healthy and alert. I loved the competitive edge chiropractic gave me and so I decided to pursue my new passion.”
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