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Therapeutic Massage

Woman receiving a therapeutic massage

In combination with chiropractic care, massage therapy can help improve circulation and muscle tone.

We recommend massage in combination with your chiropractic care. While chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and its impact on the nervous system, massage focuses on the 650 muscles of the body. Both disciplines work together to help keep the body in proper alignment, balance and function.

Retraining Your Spine

Long-standing spinal problems are accompanied by ingrained muscle patterns. Muscle spasms and scar tissue are often involved. By augmenting your chiropractic care with massage therapy, these muscle and soft tissue problems can be addressed. This can help speed your recovery and enhance the retraining of your spine.

Types of Massage

There are many different kinds of massage. They all involve systematically working the muscles and other soft tissues of the body to optimize the functioning of the various bodily systems. Massage can enhance your vitality and sense of well-being. Massage has been shown to…

  • Reduce the development of muscular patterning
  • Improve posture and re-balance your body/mind
  • Relieve pain in your muscles and joints
  • Ease constipation, gas and heartburn
  • Promote general relaxation
  • Stimulate intestinal movement
  • Eliminate excess fluid retention

Plus, it just feels good!

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is done with a specialized prenatal side-lying memory foam system designed to promote safe and comfortable positioning for mom and baby. Our Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist specifically tailors each session to accommodate a mother’s individual needs through all stages of pregnancy. Prenatal massage has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce musculoskeletal pain, support mothers through the various physical and emotional changes and transitions of pregnancy, increase oxytocin production, reduce maternal blood pressure, heart, and respiratory rate, increase uterine blood supply to enhance fetal health, and promote relaxation and well-being for mothers through nurturing touch. Contact us today, we would love to answer any questions you may have!