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IgG Testing

vegetable heartAt Circle of Life Chiropractic we offer our patients a variety of resources when it comes to holistic health, one of those being IgG testing. We use a finger prick testing kit to determine if a patient is experiencing any food intolerance. IgG testing is done to identify any foods that may be causing any inflammation or triggering an adverse response.

Some of the benefits of IgG testing include:

  • Help with determining if food reactions are contributing to physical or emotional stress.
  • Research and clinical studies state that food intolerance identified by IgG testing may be a contributing factor in chronic health issues.
  • Food elimination diets can help reduce stress on the nervous system, boost immunity, and decrease gut inflammation.

To see how you can benefit from IgG testing, contact us today!

*Food intolerance testing is typically not covered by insurance, therefore we do not submit to your insurance company regarding IgG testing.

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