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Essential Oils: We Love Them!

Essential OilsHave you heard what the hype is all about?

Essential Oils have been used for years for cosmetic purposes as well as to heal the mind, body and spirit in a natural way.

We proudly carry Young Living® essential oils. We appreciate their Seed to Seal® guarantee and their authenticity. They grow all of their own plants and monitor every process until the essential oil is delivered to your home ensuring the purest essential oil experience.

Will Essential Oils Help Me?

Essential oils are commonly used to help with certain health conditions such as anxiety and depression. In addition to boosting your mood, essential oils can help fight chronic colds, asthma and allergies!

Have you ever wondered what those toxic household cleaning items are doing to your body? Check out Young Living’s Thieves® Household Cleaning Supplies for a more natural cleaning experience!

To ensure a relaxing atmosphere, we have essential oils diffusing in our waiting area. If you have any questions regarding essential oils, Dr. Stephanie will share any helpful information she can!

Essential Oils in Point Pleasant | Circle of Life Chiropractic