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Acute Vs. Wellness Care in Point Pleasant

Chiropractic care isn’t just for back pain!

Instead of thinking of chiropractors as pain doctors, you can think of your visits with us as preventative health care or you might simply seek care to enjoy promoting overall wellness. Receiving periodic checkups can help you maintain a greater state of well-being so that you don’t have problems occur in the future.

We’re Here for You

A healthier you

Live your healthiest life with chiropractic care!

Our main goal is for our patients to leave happier and healthier than when they came in. You may choose to see us because you’re experiencing acute pain, or you might simply seek care to enjoy your greatest levels of health.

At Circle of Life Chiropractic, we offer three different phases of care and are willing to meet you where you’re at in your health journey. We’ll happily guide you through any and all stages, including:

  • Relief care. We work to get you out of pain and minimize your discomfort.
  • Corrective care. The source of your problem is addressed, making a direct impact on your health.
  • Wellness care. With all concerns effectively addressed, we’ll see you for regular visits to maintain your great health.

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