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More About Circle of Life Chiropractic

Circle of Life Chiropractic is here for you through all stages of life. We recognize there are many different reasons people seek chiropractic care. Whatever the reasons may be we are here to help you feel better. After evaluation, if we think you are not a chiropractic case, we will refer you to someone else that can help you.

Healing Naturally

Dr. Stephanie serves all ages of people in our community, showing them the many benefits of chiropractic. Natural, safe and effective health care can help you enjoy a well-balanced life. Rather than looking at outside intervention to increase your wellness, we know that the body has an inborn healing potential. Each of us has the capability to heal inside ourselves without the use of medications or surgery.

Meet the Doctor


Living a Proactive Life

Proactive health care means that rather than addressing issues once they happen, we can prevent them before they start. We encourage our practice members to feel empowered and become an active part of their recovery. It’s our hope for them to increase their life potential with the help of chiropractic care. We are also happy to provide you with nutritional support, allergy testing, essential oils and any other information you need to promote your well-being. As your health resource, we’ll help you navigate the confusing paths carved throughout today’s health care landscape.

Schedule an appointment for a convenient same-day or Saturday appointment time. We look forward to discovering how we can help you improve your life!

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