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10 Days

Finding your inner balance

Finding your inner balance

10 days is all it took for me to lose my inner balance and my nervous system to stop functioning properly. How do I know this? 10 days after my last adjustment, I started having restless sleep, mood disturbances, and irritability. I wasn’t excited to wake up in the morning because I was so tired from the night before. Each week I get adjusted regularly to maintain proper mobility, function and to keep my brain and body connected so that I can show up every day and be my best. I hold the same expectations of myself as I do my patients, and that is to make sure I am taking care of my body. This was a friendly reminder that my body is different than others around me. For me, I know that I function my best when I am getting adjusted weekly. For some, that may mean getting adjusted every other week or even once a month.

You see, each person has their own personal threshold. Our bodies are constantly adapting to the stresses we encounter on a daily basis. Fast food for lunch? Stressful conference call? Sick child? Whatever the stress may be, our bodies do their best to adapt and keep functioning. The problem is when the stress begins to exceed the rate in which your body can adapt.

You may be thinking, because I have been a chiropractic patient for so long, I should be able to go longer in between visits before my body starts to malfunction. Although that’s not the case, my body responds to the stresses in a different manner than it did before I started getting adjusted. My body no longer gets sick when I’m under a lot of stress, instead it’s able to fight any intruders, sometimes leaving me completely asymptomatic. Often patients will want to call and reschedule an appointment if they or their child is feeling ill. I actually encourage the opposite. The BEST time to get adjusted is when you are not feeling your best. Isn’t it crazy that your chiropractor sees tons of sick people (especially in the winter) yet rarely gets sick? How is that even possible? If your threshold is high enough, you can encounter illnesses without missing a beat!

You  may be wondering how to build up your own threshold. The biggest problem most people encounter is they choose to be reactive instead of proactive. Once you’re already sick, you feel obligated to mask the symptoms with medication, sleep for days, miss work, and wait until you are feeling better to return to everyday life. But what if it never had to get to that point? What if you built up your immune system so high that it didn’t matter what pathogen you encountered your body would be able to handle it?

Although I workout, eat healthy, and take my vitamins, being under regular chiropractic care is the foundation of which my health is built on. It is essential to have my brain and body connected and working in sync so that it can maximize all the hard work I am putting in. What good is it for me to take my vitamins and eat healthy if my body is not able to properly digest them? With my nervous system functioning optimally I know my digestive system is able to get to work right away and use the nutrients where they are needed.

Your body is constantly communicating with you, if you are willing to listen. Instead of ignoring the fact that I was becoming irritable and restless I listened to my body. It was then that I realized, the only factor that had changed within the last few days was missing my adjustment. I got adjusted right away, I slept like a baby and woke up ready to get my workout in and take on the world this morning!

Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through this awareness we can grow.”- Koi Fresco




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